All The Terms About Synthetic Turf

We gathered all technical and general terms those you have hard about synthetic turf but you don’t know and those you wonder, in one page. You can view them below:

Finish: Back Covering Method providing to bound yarns of artificial turf with the ground with a special chemical.

Angle Ball Rebound: Field Test Method making determination whether the field is tough or soft and examining action of the ball after it hits the surface of the field with degree angle.

Substructure: The ground that is made suitable to apply artificial turf system.

Abrasion Resistance: Test method measuring durability in sportsmen traffic happening on artificial turf system.

Longitudinal Laying: It is the name given to assembly technique performed by layering synthetic turfs rollers on the field in longitudinal direction during laying.

Longitudinal Frequency: The number of total stitches placed on a 10 cm length of a stitch series of an artificial turf forming artificial turf system.

Synthetic Turf: Another name of synthetic turf.

Double Components Adhesive: It is a glue ensuring adhesion by mixing two components and used for adhesion of artificial turf rollers to each other.

D-tex: This value corresponds weight of artificial turf yarn taking 10.000 meters length in gram.

Filler: It is the layer formed by SBR Granular and sand in general and affecting performance of Synthetic Turf System and placed between legs during laying Synthetic Turf System.

Natural Filler: It is the Filler System obtained with mixture of natural fibers and rubber.

Drainage: It is the name given to piping system in substructure ensuring transfer of rain falling on the ground on of Artificial Turf Fields after raining, to outside of the field .

DuoGrass Artificial Turf: It is a commercial name of double colored artificial turf.

DuoTone: It is a commercial name of double colored artificial turf.

DuoTurf: It is a commercial name of double colored artificial turf

Transverse Laying: It is the name given to assembly technique performed by layering synthetic turfs rollers on the field in transverse direction during laying.

EPDM Granular-EPDM Rubber: It is original painted granular, Synthetic Rubber Granular.

Fire Resistance: It is a test determining that synthetic turf system can resist against a specific heat and flame without burning and flamed.

FIFA Quality Concept: It is a concept determining quality of synthetic turf fields of FIFA that is in force since 2001 till today. With this concept, field owners (football clubs, municipalities, ministry of youth and sports, football federation) can certify that their fields and suitable for playing football and also, it is an applicant of a system that they can prove that their fields are in a quality ensuring requirements of football and players.

Fifa Recommended: As a result of researches, 2 field level were developed with mutual study of synthetic turf industry and FIFA. These are FIFA RECOMMENDED 1 STAR and FIFA RECOMMENDED 2 STAR respectively.

Fibril Synthetic Turf – Fibrillated:  It is a term describing a yarn type having a natural appearance by being produced as band and by making cuts on that.

Gauge- transverse frequency: It is a value in inch determining distance between two stitch lines of a synthetic turf.

Gray Granular: It is an elastic filler material with low resistance against sun rays and obtained from gray colored urethane rubber.

Leg Length: It is a terms describing total hight of synthetic turf system and used to define synthetic turf.

Leg weight- yarn weight: This terms indicated total weight of all legs in 1m2 of synthetic turf.

Helmetin: It is a band applied on a glue ensuring adhesion with mixing two components and used for adhesion of artificial turf rollers.

Quartz Sand: It is the sand with fine and round grains consisting silica and/or quartz, used with the purpose of stabilization during filling synthetic turf. 

Sandy System: It is the short leg synthetic turf system that does not use elastic layer and that is made only by sand filler.

Sand Filled Turf: See Sandy System.

Indoor Artificial Turf Field Construction:  It is synthetic turf field protected from external climate conditions by covering with a steel construction and  materials such as canvas or plas-panel above that.

Lisport Test: It is a test determining what will synthetic turf system be in future at the end of its specific economic life in laboratory environment. With this test, it is possible to simulate 2, 5 or 10 years of usage of synthetic turf system in a period of 1 month, to see what will be synthetic turf system be in future.

Monofilament: It is a synthetic turf yarn type, this type has more natural appearance as grains comparing to fibril ones since its first production.

No-Infill: It is a synthetic turf system that can be used without SBR Granular filler or Sand filler inside.

SBR Granular: It is a name given to Rubber Granulars forming elastic layer of synthetic turf system and obtained with recycling method.

Synthetic Turf: It is a surface covering with characteristics and appearance of natural grass obtained by weaving synthetic yarns those are produced from polyethylene or similar raw materials, on weaving cloth and with tufting method.

Back Covering: It is a Back Covering Method providing to bound yarns of artificial turf with the ground with a special chemical.

Artificial Turf: It is another name of synthetic turf.

Field Test: It is a test required to be made for certification with FIFA RECOMMENDED Certificate by FIFA for the fields and required to be done following completion of assembly of synthetic turf field by ministry of youth and sports and other institutions.

Shock Absorption: This term is a criteria be measured in field test those are performed to take FIFA Recommended Certificate within the frame of FIFA Quality Concept and a criteria determining how much the ground of the field absorb impacts from sportsmen and how much it protects sportsmen. 

Shock Buffer, Shock pad: It is a shock absorber layer that is laid below synthetic turfs with the purpose of ensuring shock absorption in synthetic turfs.

Bottom Cloth: It is a weaving cloth that is weaved on synthetic turf. 

Ball Roll Ramp: It is a test apparatus measuring resistance against ball rolling of yarns of synthetic turf field within the frame of FIFA Performance criteria. The idea result value is between 4 m and 8m. In the meantime, it is determined whether it is maintenance time for the field with the test that is performed with this apparatus. 

Wire Fence: It is cage wire system that is used for surrounding around synthetic turf. 

Glue: It is a glue ensuring adhesion with mixing two components and used for adhesion of synthetic turf rollers. 

Triangle Brush- Drag Brush: It is a maintenance apparatus ensuring that legs remain vertical and to distribute filler materials on the field equally and that is used for maintenance of the field. 

UV Resistance: It is a raw materials consisting chemical protection ensuring protection against harmful sun rays.

Synthetical Turf: It is the other name of synthetic turf.

Green SBR Granular: It is an improved granular filler system being obtained by covering SBR granulars with colored polyethylene with high technology processes.

Zebra Patterns- with offside lines: It is a technique performing laying with offside liens on the field by laying light and dark colored synthetic turf roller in transverse.