Artificial Turf Field Construction Prices and Its Important Characteristics

Prices for artificial turf field construction vary based on various factors. These factors create its prices based on square meter.

Main factors affecting artificial turf field construction

1- Type of artificial turf field: It is the most important factor affecting prices for artificial turf field construction. For instance, there is approximately double time difference between indoor and outdoor artificial turf fields in terms of cost. This big price difference is formed by steel construction covering above the fields.

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2- Covering of ceiling: In indoor artificial turf fields, also type of covering of ceiling causes differences in prices. Our types of covering of ceiling are as follows from cheaper one to more expensive one: canvas covering, PVC covering, sheeting.

3- Artificial turf: Artificial turf field prices are amongst the elements affecting total cost. We have price list based on characteristics of artificial turf and leg length. We have fibril and monofilament artificial turf types based on type of yarn used in its weaving. Please contact with our marketing team.

4- Lighting artificial turf field: Lighting artificial turf field is generally performed by 400W halide projector. However, it is started to use 150-200W LED projectors those provide better light and are cost-effective, with developed technology. Even though LED projectors are more expensive, with saving they provide, they amortize themselves in 2 years. Ask special LED projectors those Dizayn Sports uses for its projects. In our projects, we do not use made in China products.

Important characteristics to pay attention when constructing artificial turf field:

1- Before starting a field project, environmental conditions should absolutely be taken into consideration and substructure and upper structure should be formed according to those conditions. In areas taking place in seismic belts, special seismic beams should be piled for substructure.

2- In provinces where winter conditions are tough, indoor field construction should be made in accordance with static calculation and the ground. Artificial turf collapses happen due to lack of static calculation.

3- If you have an artificial turf field project, it will be beneficial to check materials taking place in construction contract when they are discharged, to prevent an error as a result of negligence or intentional.