Artificial Turf Field Maintenance Manual

Artificial turf field maintenance is a serious matter that commercial field owners and sports clubs those have regular size fields, should pay attention. We determined 4 important points those cannot be ignore regarding artificial turf field maintenance.

Artificial Turf Field Maintenance in 4 Stages

1- Artificial turf field should be water 1-2 hours before playing football in hot days. The reason of this is that fibril or monofilament yarns those remained under the sun in outdoor artificial turf fields, are soften due to heat and when an intense sports activity is performed on that with crampons, it reduces risk yarn breakage from ends. Watered yarns get cool and they back to their more resistant structures. Another reason is related with sportsmen’ health. Also, friction coefficient of artificial turf loosen in heat, increases and it causes stopping sportsmen when they have to slip and it causes sprains. In order to prevent these types of problems on artificial turf fields’ ground, it will be beneficial to water the ground a few hours before match.

2- Artificial turf’s ground should be brushed with a special thick industrial brush with plastic wires. This process should be made on the whole ground once in two weeks in average. Brushing process is an important and simple solution for obtaining a more stable ground and to balance granular on the field. For brushing artificial turf field, we have automated maintenance machine. Please ask for its price. You can order immediately.

3- Another important layer of artificial turf is SBR or EPDM granular layer, it is seen right under artificial turf field and it is placed 1-2 cm below artificial turf eaves. It provides flexibility and balance for the ground. Granular is reduced due to various factors when matches are played on it. Our company advises to add granular once in 6 months in average. Granular is absorbed on the field with a brush. You can learn from out technical team how many kilogram granular should be added based on sizes of your field and you can ask price for this process. For these processes, there is artificial turf maintenance machine available. You can call us for order.

4- Even type of ground of artificial turf field is not very delicate, foreign substances and wastes entering into field may harm the ground by the time. For this reason, it is required to collect foreign substances often such as small stones, gravel, metal wastes from the fields. Smoking should not be allowed on the field. Besides, since toothed crampon will harm the ground, it is required to be sure that only artificial turf field sneakers are used.

Why does Artificial Turf Field Maintenance Important?

Whether it is commercial, artificial turf fields are sports fields constructed with a big investment and self sacrifice. These are very demanded fields since it is the most preferred game in our country. For directing youth to sports and to discover new talents, it is important to protect high performance and also high quality artificial turfs.

Even artificial turf field maintenance is considered unnecessary and wasted expense for some people, it is not so in reality. Artificial turf maintenance can extend life of the ground for about 2-3 years. It means, artificial turf field maintenance will be more economic rather than changing it often. Artificial turf field maintenance is important as much as its construction.