Is there Government Assistance in Artificial Turf Field Construction?

Government assistance in artificial turf field construction is subjected to highly difficult conditions as other business fields. Government assistances those are exist in industrial institutions and export subjects, are not available in artificial turf field construction.

Recently, with the purpose of guiding individuals to sports in our country, government assistances are increasing in sports facilities construction. However, this situation is not as easy as it is thought.

Is there KOSGEB (small and medium enterprises development organization) assistance in artificial turf field construction?

KOSGEB (Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization) provides support for innovative enterprise ideas. For obtaining that, it is required to participate Applied Entrepreneurship Training taking 60 hours given free from charge and to take “participation certificate” and to submit the project to KOSGEB.

However, in case that you alone submit artificial turf field project existed in our country for a long time, your chance to take assistance from KOSGEB is almost non-existed. For this, you should improve your project and make it innovative, it can help you to increase your change.

  • For artificial turf field construction, within the scope of our knowledge, KOSGEB did not provide assistance till now. However, plannings are made.

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About Assistance of Ministry of Youth and Sports

Ministry of youth and sports forms “Project Support Programs”. First of all, budgets those are left for project support programs are determined with approval of the Minister. Following submission of project offers, assessment is made and accepted projects are announced. After required liabilities are met, operations are initiated. The activities those are made within the scope of the project, are reported with regular intervals. It is forbidden to use project support for something out of the project.

In order to have benefit from Project Support Programs of Ministry of Youth and Sports, it is required that your project takes place within the scopes indicated and performed assessments are accepted. However, it is a low opportunity to have support by submitting only artificial turf field project. For doing this, you can view subject titles in Project Support tab taking place in internet page of Ministry of Youth and Sports and Project Support Programs Legislation of Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Knowledge Acquisition from Ministry of Youth and Sports:

Artificial Turf Field Construction within the scope of SODES

SODES: Social Support Program

Government assistance can be obtained in artificial turf field construction within the scope of SODES, however, these assistances can be taken not by individuals but government agencies such as municipalities and schools.

Sodes scopes:

In these scopes, please call and take information from related government agencies to take government assistances.

Artificial Turf Field Construction with Installments instead of Government Assistance

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