On What Grounds Artificial Turf Prices are changed?

Artificial turf prices are changed according to 4 factors in general. These factors are size of field, leg length, yarn type and used ancillary materials.

Even though the area of usage remembered the first when artificial turf is mentioned, is football pitches, artificial turfs are used for decorative purposes in gardens and balconies. Artificial turfs are preferred not only in businesses but also balconies, gardens and terraces of homes and children playgrounds. Prices of artificial turfs those are getting common day by day for its easiness to use and durability, demonstrate variations based on some factors.

These factors for artificial turf prices:

1- Square Meter of Artificial Turf (Size):

When artificial turfs are priced, calculation is made generally based on square meter. For this reason, amongst the factors affecting prices of artificial turfs, its size become prominent.

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2- Leg Length:

The term leg length is used to express total height of artificial turfs. It is possible to find artificial turf in the market between 6-60 mm leg length. Leg length of artificial turf to be preferred according to purpose of usages, can vary. If you want to make it more durable, you are required to prefer artificial turf with high leg length. Leg length of artificial turfs to be used for decorative purposes not requiring much durability, does not have to be high. Based on leg length, prices also demonstrate increase in directly proportional.

3- Yarn Type: Fibril & Monofilament

One of the most important factors affecting prices of artificial turfs, is type of yarn be used. Types of yarn be used in artificial turf production, are determinant in both external appearance and tissue fullness. In production stage of yarn types such as fibril and monofilament, amount of usage causes variation in change in prices.

4- Used Ancillary Materials:

After artificial turfs are produced in desired sizes and characteristics, different processes are applied to products to make them ready for use. When artificial turfs are layered on the ground, filler material is placed between legs. There are various filler materials mainly SBR and EPDM. Amount and types of sand and granular filler to be used, cause changes in prices. In addition to that, special adhesives to be preferred to stick artificial turfs, are amongst factors affecting the price. In general, a fee is demanded for assembly, however, these fees vary based on the companies.

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