Stadium Seat

Stadium Seat

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Stadium Seat

It is produced durable against UV rays in order not discoloration by being exposed to weather conditions and sun rays in outdoor areas. Seats are produced in specially requested vibrant colors or based on clip colors.

Intended Use: Plastic seats can be used in all tribunes and portable tribunes.

Material: Plastic backrest, stadium seats without interval. We have VIP stadium seats available.

Characteristics of a Stadium Seat

  • Tribune seat is durable against impact. It should not be broken when it is thrown free to a reinforced concrete from meters.
  • In case that a steel shot taking grams, is rolled on a stadium seat horizontally from inside a 2 meters pipe, there should not be a break or crack.
  • When a person taking 150 kg sit on a plastic tribune seat, it should not be broken or cracked.
  • Stadium seat that is kept in a deep freeze in -30 degrees for 2 days, it should not be broken or cracked during that period.
  • When above mentioned tests are applied on a seat kept in -30 degree, the result should be positive.

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