Indoor Artificial Grass Football Pitches

Indoor Artificial Grass Football Pitches

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Indoor Artificial Grass Football Pitches

On the contrary of outdoor artificial turf fields, indoor artificial turf fields are covered above and around. Indoor artificial turf fields are generally preferred in winter months. In indoor artificial turf fields not being affected from weather conditions, matches with high football quality can be made.

Indoor artificial turf fields are constructed in three types; Canvas Indoor, Sheet Covering and Panel Covering. One of the alternatives about indoor artificial turf field construction is the method covering with canvas that van be opened and closed from sides based on seasonal conditions connected with its steel construction. From outside, it looks as a stadium.







Indoor Football Pitch External Design

Indoor fields have a realistic appearance as a mini football field from distance by its internal design. Generally white color is used as canvas color, but it can be made with stripes. Lower parts of canvas have folding feature, with that feature, it is ensured that it is not suitable only for winter but also for all seasons.

Indoor Football Pitch Internal Design

PVC covered iron wire fences are placed on the places where artificial turf fields are ended in such a way to face up with its internal part. Roof net that is weaved by special rip cord with 15cmx15cm interocular distance in internal part of indoor artificial turf field. There is only one entrance door in indoor artificial turf field, that is made behind goalpost that is closer to dressing rooms. Internal design of dressing rooms, can vary based on request. To positively affect concentration of players, lighting should be installed in a way to light everywhere as professional football pitches. Artificial turf fields with good lighting, attract attention of more customers. Digital scoreboard can be made based on request.

Indoor Artificial Grass Football Pitch Construction Stages


Ground Preparation

One of the most important factors in installation of indoor artificial turf fields, is the ground. The ground of indoor artificial turf field should be smoothened completely, places with downfall risk should be pressed tight and required measures should be taken. Maximum attention should be paid for this matter. For the ground, posts are piled by taking assistance from topographical engineers and an excavation is made by heavy equipment. In the region where excavation is made, the moulds are piled and construction irons are placed on the moulds. Reinforced concrete approximately in 70cm width is poured and stone chip filler is discharged on gaps remained in internal parts of reinforced concrete. By doing so, the ground process is completed.


Steel Construction Work

After the ground work is completed, it is started to install basic framework and 3 meters steel columns are laid on places where framework will be made. These steel columns those are raised with specific intervals, are connected with the help of a crane on the air with steel construction scissors that is prepared previously and it makes iron construction of artificial turf field ready.


Laying Artificial Turf

It is the time to lay artificial turf on the ground in indoor artificial turf field construction after substructure and steel part works are performed. Fine stone chip that is laid on the field, is corrected and downfall and bulge occurrences on the surface of synthetic turf are prevented. Generally artificial turf with 55mm leg length is used. Sand filler and black rubber granular on that are laid in artificial turf as standard. Gray granular can also be preferred.


Covering Field with Canvas/Sheeting/PVC

The last work is canvas work and canvas that is prepared previously is brought and above the field is covered. Based on request of customers, roof covering can be made by either sheet or PVC material. Sides of all indoor artificial turf fields are made by folding canvas. In summer season, canvas is opened and it can be closed in winter season.

You can get more information and a price offer about indoor football pitch construction from our experienced team.

Indoor Artificial Grass Football Pitch Sizes

  • 18m * 36m = 648 m² (multi-sport)
  • 20m * 40m = 800 m²
  • 25m * 40m = 1000 m²
  • 25m * 45m = 1125 m²
  • 27m * 47m = 1269 m²
  • 30m * 50m = 1500 m²

The Cost of Indoor Artificial Grass Football Pitch Construction

We construct your indoor artificial turf field projects on turn-key basis. The cost of outdoor artificial turf field construction varies based on its steel parts and artificial turf model to be used and sizes of the field. You can get more information and a price offer about indoor football pitch construction from our experienced team.