Standard Football Pitches

Standard Football Pitches

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Standard Football Pitches

Standard football pitches are sports fields in rectangle shape with a special ground for football covered by artificial turf, constructed for professional football players and teams. Standard football pitches are constructed in accordance with «FIFA QUALITY» and  «FIFA QUALITY PRO» standards. Standard artificial grass football pitches are constructed minimum in 45x90m and maximum in 90x120m sizes in accordance with International FIFA standards.

Our artificial turfs in intensive frequency and special yarn that we produce for professional artificial turf football pitches, comply with FIFA standards and passed related tests. Our professional artificial turf football field models those passed from FIFA accredited laboratory tests, are used in many artificial turf fields at home and abroad.







Characteristics of Standard Artificial Grass Football Pitches

Standard artificial grass football pitches cannot be made with the same grounds those are used in artificial turf fields. The grounds where professional football matches will be made, should comply with standards those were determined by FIFA and they are audited by FIFA.

Artificial turf ground standards of FIFA ere determined as «FIFA QUALITY» and «FIFA QUALITY PRO» and the fields those are audited by FIFA, are entitled to have one of these certificates according to characteristics of their grounds or they cannot take any of those certificated.

About FIFA Tests

FIFA provides its certificates by auditing field grounds. It is a common and wrong judgment as all the field those are made by artificial turf in FIFA standards will have a right to possess FIFA certificate.

To take FIFA certificate, the field should be subjected to tests more than 20 beginning from its ground stage up to its finish and if that ground passes those tests, «FIFA QUALITY» or «FIFA QUALITY PRO» certificate which is suitable for that field, is issued by FIFA.

Standard Football Pitch Sizes

Football pitches and stadiums where professional football matches will be played, are required to meet specific standards. Fields sizes and field ground take place amongst the standards for playing football. Artificial turf field construction sizes are different. Sizes of standard football pitches are indicated in article one of football rules. According to that, the pitch is in rectangle shape. Width of football field, meaning goalpost lines, must be between 45 and 90 m. Width of football field, meaning throw lines, must be between 90 and 120m. In a football pitch where professional matches will be made, it is absolutely required to follow these sizes. Additionally, size intervals for professional football matches are as indicated above, this has not been standardized as whole yet, however, there is a standard size accepted. Most of the fields where international matches are played, are in 105 m length and 68 m width. In following years, this can be considered as a standard size. For this reason, these figures are considered as the most appropriate sizes.

The Cost of Standard Football Pitch Construction

We produce your artificial turf field projects in turn-key basis. The cost of standard artificial turf football pitch varies based on ground characteristics and «FIFA QUALITY» or «FIFA QUALITY PRO» certificate fees and artificial turf model to be used and sizes of the field. You can get more information and a price offer about standard football pitch construction from our experienced team.