The Things Need-To-Know Regarding Basketball Court Construction

You can find all technical information and information about ground varieties need-to-know regarding basketball court construction in our text. Our company, as Dizayn Sports, has experiences regarding long term basketball court, tennis court and synthetic pitch construction.

Basketball is one of the most pleasant sports branches for many people by giving pleasure both in playing and watching. Parquet and other grounds where basketball, as “one of the most pleasant sports branches of the world”, should surely be in high quality.

Bouncing ball comfortably on the ground, having a ground not causing injuries based on slipping for sportsmen, not having an uneven ground that can hurt sportsmen in possible fall, are amongst characteristics required for basketball courts. From this approach, the ground is highly important.

What are the types of Basketball Courts?

Another area requiring to have knowledge about basketball court construction, is their types. Basketball courts are divided into two based on whether they are indoor places or outdoor places. The most common one of those courts grouped as indoor and outdoor sports hall, is outdoor basketball courts.

What are the sizes of Basketball Courts?

With sensibility of local administrations in our country, the acrylic basketball courts are constructed in many neighborhoods. Besides, special parquet indoor sports halls are also essential areas for professional basketball. In these multi-sports indoor sports halls, volleyball and handball matches can also be played.

  • Outdoor basketball courts: These are appropriate areas for street basketball.
  • Indoor basketball courts: They are divided into two.
    • Steel construction indoor court construction
    • Indoor sports hall construction

Basketball Court Construction based on the Grounds

As we mentioned, one of the most important elements of basketball sport is the ground. We can explain importance of this matter such as; even if 1 cm fail occurs on the ground, big problems occur for game and sportsmen. From this approach, ground construction is very important. While constructing basketball court, grounds such as acrylic, tartan, parquet polyurethane are used.

1- Acrylic Basketball Court:

Acrylic ground courts are one of the most used systems in this business. Also construction of the ground used as acrylic polymer which is hazardous when it is ventilated for a long period, requires fineness extremely. It is a useful ground type.

2- Tartan Ground Basketball Court:

The systems of this types of ground compromise 2 layers. In upper layer, EPDM layer is used in tartan ground and SBR granular is used in lower layer. This ground type which has a liquid permeable structure, is one frequently used in basketball together with all types of parquets. In general, tartan ground which is in 13 mm thickness (8 mm EPDM + 5 mm SBR granular layer)  attract attention with its flexible and durable structure.

3- Parquet Ground Basketball Court:

When we consider modern basketball courts, we generally see parquet ground ones. In these type of grounds providing high energy recovery for sportsmen in addition to their fine designs, while bouncing is realized very comfortably, consumed energy amount is reduced. This ground with a good slipping resistance, is seen in almost all courts where professional games are made as we mentioned before.

4- Polyurethane Ground Basketball Courts:

It is constructed by using grader, polyurethane adhesive, roller rubber, filler, polyurethane membrane and polyurethane paint respectively on the concrete at the lowest layer. Construction works of these types of courts, is highly troublesome as you can understand from the ones told above. This ground type that is made with addition of rubber polyurethane substance, is one of the alternatives prominent for basketball courts.

Materials those are used in basketball court construction and their prices

Materials those are used in basketball court construction are;

  • Iron construction and industrial paint,
  • PVC coating wire fence,
  • Lighting equipment,
  • Ground paint or materials,
  • Basketball hoop types.

For supply, prices and assembly works of these materials, you can obtain offer from our marketing team.

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