Those need-to-be known about Indoor Artificial Turf Field Construction

Learn important tips required to know regarding indoor artificial turf from Dizayn Sports as an Indoor Artificial Turf Field Expert. First of all, it will be better to decide field type and then details.

Indoor or Outdoor Artificial Turf Field?

Before constructing artificial turf field, you need to specify your need. In regions taking much rain and snow, we strongly suggest to indoor artificial turf field construction. In regions where winter conditions are determinant, outdoor artificial turf fields might do less business and it means dozens of thousands Turkish Lira loss annually. Indoor artificial turf fields meet their extra expenses more than enough. However, in west and coastal regions where seasons are very soft, outdoor artificial turf fields can be preferred.

What are types of indoor artificial turf fields?

One of the most important things to know about indoor artificial turf fields is their types. We can examine indoor artificial turf field in three main categories in general;

1- Canvas indoor artificial turf field construction: It is the most preferred indoor artificial turf field type.

2- Sheeting indoor artificial turf field construction: It provides durability in regions where snow load is high.

3- PVC covering indoor artificial turf field construction: It provides visual performance in addition to durability.

When we examine indoor artificial turf fields based on above given covering types; it is clear that considering winter conditions is also required in addition to visual appearance.

How should iron construction be made in indoor artificial turf fields?

In areas where such steel construction is used, it is required to consider durability before visual quality. Due to the fact visual quality is considered first and /or avoiding cost, performed project might collapse. Unfortunately, there are several examples for such situations in out country.

Indoor artificial turf field construction with static project:

Field construction with static project is almost only applied in government works in our country. As Dizayn Sports, we construct the most durable fields those can be done, by projecting static according to request of customer with our civil engineers those we assign personally in our team.

In 2017, 3 indoor artificial turf fields work with static project were completed by our team. 

What should be iron tonnage of a field?

Steel tonnage of an indoor artificial turf field in normal sizes with static project is around 70-80 tons, it is around 30 tons for a field without static project. Some contractor companies with wrong competition approach and avoiding static projects, can make steel usage below 20 tons. Attention; these type of projects are doomed to collapse.