What are EPDM Rubber’s Characteristics? In which colors they are produced?

Having flexible and being able to apply in any type in anywhere are amongst characteristics of EPDM Rubber. It is war materials of tartan truck. Its all colors are available.

EPDM Rubber’s Characteristics

* EPDM provides highly good results about ozone, dielectric and water resistance.

* Resistance of this substance which has a perfect elasticity, is highly good.

* Its resistance against burning, oil and fuel is very low, however burning is not realized with sparks.

* In addition to these ones, it is also resistant against tearing, acids and bases and it does not wear easily.

All these characteristics come to the forefront as beneficial ones in terms of its areas of usage. It is an appropriate materials for using in sports arenas, interior and exterior places.

What are colors of EPDM Rubber?

EPDM material can be produced in various colors.


What are sizes of EPDM Rubber?

EPDM grounds types casted in place are available as the most preferred ones in addition to the types those are pile on ground coating, rubber locked parquet, hexagonal, block and puzzles ones.

  • When it is pile and parquet rubber ground, there are ones with width from 200 mm to 1000 mm and with length from 250 mm to 1000 mm. When their thickness is considered, there are sizes available from 20 mm to 60 mm.

In addition to that, it is possible to convert EPD rubber into different color, shape and sizes as requested by customer.

Tartan ground casted in place are manufactured as two-component; EPDM granular is used on upper layer and SBR black granular is used in lower layer. Granular rubber is made read in a special mixer as hot together with its binder adhesive. Hot material that is prepared previously, is poured and corrected on asphalt and reinforced concrete.

  • Tartan ground casted in place generally consists of 8 mm SBR granular layer and 5 mm EPDM rubber layer.

In which type of sports fields construction EMPD rubber can be used?

When it is sports arena construction, tartan ground is one of those special grounds. Raw material of tartan ground is EPDM we mentioned above and it can be in various colors. After EPDM rubber is processed, it is applied on sports arenas as rubber or cast-in-place. Besides, it can be used in landscaping and children playgrounds as pile rubber and locket rubber parquet stone. Followings are various sports areas where this material can be used;

  • Basketball Court Construction
  • Tennis Court Construction
  • Multi-Sport Field Construction
  • Volleyball Court Construction
  • Mini Football Field Construction
  • Squash Court Construction