What are General Characteristics of Artificial Turfs?

General characteristics of artificial turfs, vary based on their purpose of use. You can find general characteristics of artificial turfs that can be used for sportive purposes and decorative purposes, in detail.

What is artificial turf? How does it produced?

Artificial turf is an eaved turf that is weaved by tufting machine. It is weaved with yarns in green tones those are synthetic special production. These yarn models are divided into two; fibril and monofilament. Our artificial turfs those are weaved as fully-automated in our factory, can be produced in various leg lengths. We have synthetic turfs in our product range from 5 mm to 70mm.

A) What are general characteristics of artificial turfs for decorative purposes?

Our synthetic turf models those are used for decorative and landscape purposes, can be produced from both fibril and monofilament yarns. For making selection from dozens of models, you can call us and have support.

1- Decorative Fibril Artificial Turf

Our decorative turf models that are produced as fibril, are generally produced in short leg lengths. These are products in affordable prices. We have decorative artificial turf models in 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 11mm, 15mm and 20mm. Besides, these models can be produced in light green, dark green and red decorative artificial turfs. We can make production also in other colors, call us for different colors.


2- Decorative Monofilament Artificial Turf

Our models those are the closest ones to natural grass, are produced by monofilament yarns. To be able to produce artificial turfs with natural grass appearance, light and dark green special monofilament yarns and leno yellow yarns are used in these new generation artificial turfs.

We product of being the only company making production of 50 mm decorative artificial turf.

Our decorative monofilament series, are in the leader position amongst landscape purposes artificial turf models in Turkey and in the world. Our production is available from 20mm to 50mm leg length.

B) What are the characteristics of artificial turfs for sportive purposes?

Sportive purposed artificial turfs can be produced from both monofilament and fibril yarns. It is preferred very often in football pitches, tennis courts, golf pitches, multi-sport fields, field hockey pitches, American football and rugby pitches for sportive purposes. Using artificial turf is accepted by several sports federation officially. Federations determined synthetic turf ground standards for each sports branch. For instance, there are Fifa 1 Star and Fifa 2 Star standards for football. There are ITF standards for tennis and the grounds in tennis are classified based on the speed.


Artificial turf ground characteristics for football; it can be in 40mm, 50mm, 55mm, 60mm leg lengths. Green tones and tile red ones can be used at edges. It is used for artificial turf field construction. It can also be used for American football and rugby.

The ground characteristics for synthetic tennis court: It can be in 20mm, 22m, 26mm and 30mm leg lengths. Light green and dark green and red artificial turfs can be used.

The ground characteristics for multi-sport fields: They have similar characteristics as tennis court.

Synthetic turf ground characteristics for golf: It can be in 10mm – 15mm leg lengths. It is an intense special artificial turf that is weaved more intensively comparing to our other models. It is specially produced for golf.