What Are Indoor Tennis Court Construction Stages?

These are sports areas, indoor tennis courts, preferred by institution organizing training activities for tennis and operating commercial activities in this area. It means, organizations that should provide service in all weather conditions for four seasons, must maintain indoor tennis court in their facilities. Entrepreneur who want to make such saving, are absolutely required to improve a vision consisting basic information about “indoor tennis court construction”.

In general, indoor tennis courts are constructed by covering above tennis courts with synthetic ground. We can mention about two basic methods in terms of easiness and practicability. One of them is covering method named “balloon”. Even this method looks practical, it is a method not preferred most because of not having long-life, being opened to sufficiency in terms of its height, having unnatural air circulation and its insufficiency against intensive wind.

Another method is to cover tennis court those are surrounded by steel construction, by various covering materials. The system that is completed with steel trusses on main columns from steel in 4 meters height, is a preferred method primarily due to having long-life and being safe. In roof covering, non-fading canvas or PVC materials can be preferred based on request and budget. Indoor tennis courts with steel construction are both more durable and airy comparing to balloon systems. Besides, when it is wanted, appropriate areas can be opened based on type of covering material and consistent air flow opportunity is provided.

Indoor Tennis Court Construction Stages

1- About ground of tennis court to be constructed in indoor space, any synthetic ground can be used, however, mostly acrylic grounds are preferred.  In general, we can sort ground types as acrylic covering (on asphalt), EPDM covering (on reinforced concrete or asphalt ground) and synthetic grass covering (on reinforced concrete or asphalt).

2- Lighting systems of indoor tennis courts are made by Halide Projectors or LED projectors based on preference as in outdoor tennis courts.

3- Briefly, it is beneficial to mention stages of “indoor tennis court construction”. It begins with appropriate place selection as every facilities.  Construction begins with projecting requiring high expertise, experience and engineering information. First stage of construction stage is related with substructure and it covers reinforced concrete and asphalting works.  Following that, steel construction and wire fence covering works are realized. After lighting system is assembled, tennis court area is covered with desired material. Following tennis posts and net assembly, field ground is covered as it is desired and field lines are drawn.

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