What are Rubber Ground Covering Types?

Rubber ground covering is a ground that can be applied in different colors, flexible, durable and practical and generally used in outdoor places. It is also known as tartan ground. This flexible ground with different types, is used dozens of areas of usage.

Rubber Ground Covering Types:

Rubber ground covering products being produced are formed based on needs and we can sort them in 7 main categories below;

  1. Rubber ground cast-in-place (tartan),
  2. Athletics track rubber ground applications (Olympic),
  3. Pile rubber grounds,
  4. Puzzle rubber grounds,
  5. Parquet rubber grounds,
  6. Roller rubber grounds,
  7. Rubber animal bed (single, roller).

The grounds in these seven categories, can be produced in types with different colors and characteristics. For more detail about products and rubber ground covering prices, please contact with our company authorities.

How does rubber ground covering types made?

If it is required to tell rubber ground covering production in brief, in addition that these grounds vary based on their types, they are generally made by EPDM and SBR granular materials. These granular materials are mixed with a special rubber adhesive “binder” in hot and by pouring into desired place or mould, it takes its last shape.

EPDM granular is produced in many different colors. It is especially preferred in different colors for children playgrounds. You can choose any color from our color scale.

SBR granular is available only in black color. This materials is generally used as secondary lower layer in tartan ground and for rubber animal beds.

Dizayn Rubber Products

Dizayn Rubber, a Dizayn Sports brand, makes all types of tartan ground production. Dizayn Rubber produces durable and high quality products with the purpose of using as animal bed and for using with decorative and sportive purposes and for children playgrounds.