What are the sizes of a tennis court? The Sizes and Whole Field Sizes

For tennis court sizes, there are fixed number determined worldwide. These sizes those determined by ITF, are fixed for all official matches. However, courts those are not in standard sizes, can also be made in school gardens, hotels and with special purpose uses.

Based on ground structures, tennis courts are divided into variations such as soil, asphalt, reinforced concrete, acrylic, tartan, synthetic turf and natural grass fields. You can visit our page for tennis court construction. Regardless ground material, tennis courts should have international standards to make tennis matches valid. When design of courts are made, generally couples match is taken as base. Standard sizes those determined by the Federation are detailed in our text, you can find all figures below.

What are the sizes of a standard tennis court?

Tennis court length is 23,77 m and width is 10,97 m, it is in rectangle shape. These sizes express the field where tennis ball remain in the game. Gaps on sides are separately indicated.

There should be a net hung on two posts on 1,07 m height right in the middle of the court. The net that should be in 0,91 m medium height and 12,80 m length, should have small holes preventing ball to pass and it should be stretched. Diameter of steel wire or cordon where the net is hung, should be determined as 0,8 cm at most, width of net band should be determined as 5 cm at most. Steel wire should be designed at least 5 cm and at most 6,35 cm from down to up on both sides.

Some characteristics can change for single game field. Width of the field should be 8,23 m and net length should be 10,06 m. Single game field is 1,37 m narrower from both sides.

Width of back lines surrounding the field should be preferred as 10 cm, side and other lines should be preferred between 2,5 -5 cm. There should be service lines in 6,40 m distance in parallel to the net, these lines should be placed on 5,49 m to back lines. By dividing the area remained between service lines and side lines into two equal part with a line, service fields should be created, width of that border named as medium service line should be 5 cm. On the same alignment with service line, the points those are vertical to medium lines are named as medium sign and its standard sizes should be 5,,8 cm in width and 10,16 cm as length.

Back and side gaps for tennis court sizes are as follows; the distance left between back line and outer border of the court should be at least 6,40 m, the distance left on field sides should be at least 3,66 m.