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Artificial grass is a type of grass which is an alternate to the natural grass but is formed of natural materials to look like natural. It is designed to be used in sports fields and in homes for decoration purposes. Although it has a meticulous process of production which requires multiple machines, it offers a wide range of alternatives.

What Is The Production Process?

First of all, synthetic green fibrillated or monofilament a new generation yarns with a vivid appearance is used for the backing cloth. The yarns are shaped and designed with a special thread and cut based on the area of use.

For example, if the artificial grass will be used in carpet fields, they are designed to have a minimum (recommended) thickness of 40 mm.

The raw grass processed in tufting machine is covered with latex, which helps to create a flexible and durable material. The resistant and flexible feature of latex makes it available for use in many places. After the latex is coated on the base of raw grass, it is dried in an oven called. After all of these processes, the artificial turf is produced. As a final step the durability of the grass is checked before laying on the ground.

Features of Artificial Grass

Artificial turf is material which is especially preferred as it highly resistant to UV rays and sunlight. Among many other reasons, one of the most important reasons that people tend to prefer artificial grass which is strong and lasting longer. It is not directly affected by the sun rays and simple regular maintenance helps to keep its comfortable use and vivid appearance, keeping its vibrant green color.

Another advantage of artificial grass is the variety of colors based on your wishes. Thus, it offers a more aesthetic appearance for those who desire.

Most importantly artificial grass does not have the maintenance requirements such as fertilization, mowing or irrigation that is indispensable for natural grass. Thus, it is easy to maintain offering a long-time use effortlessly. As it does not contain and pests, it saves both money and time of the users as well as protecting the environment.