What is EPDM Rubber? Where does it be used?

What is EPDM Rubber? What are areas of usage and general characteristics of EPDM? You can reach detailed information about areas of usage of EPDM rubber.

What is EPDM Rubber?

EPDM rubber is a polymer type that is actually seen by everyone from sports halls, cycle paths, from electricity cables to hose production. Use of EPDM rubber in sports areas, is generally as granular parts in 2-3 mm diameter. These granulars are connected with “EPDM binder” that is a special adhesive. Explanation of EPDM is ethylene-propylene rubber.

This rubber has a very durable structure against many factors such as heat, ozone and atmosphere. The substances creating EPDM, are ethylene, propylene and diene monomen. These three substances react and create EPDM. This mixture can be mixed with different polymer variations and also provides vulcanization opportunity.

Vulcanization is the process mixing polymers with sulphur compounds to make it more durable. One of the advantages of EPDM, is to have a lower cost comparing to its quality. The reason of that is to have a high limit to involve oil and filler.

That substance has dielectric characteristic. Thanks to this characteristic, it is used as insulator in cables transmitting high voltage. Also being durable against weather conditions and long-lasting, are amongst reasons to prefer EPDM cables. This substance that is highly durable against very hot environments, finds various areas of usage with its impermeability characteristic.

What are the areas of usage of EPDM Rubber?

When the sectors using EPDM are sorted, tatami, construction sector, packaging, part coating, sports and marine come to the forefront. While it is not preferred in textile sector since its adhesive characteristic is low, due to the fact that it is durable against different elements (ozone, atmosphere, heat, water), it is mostly used in durable material production.

Thanks to its dielectric characteristic, it is know that it is commonly used as insulation material in electricity cable production as we mentioned before. In addition to that, it can also be used in hose and tube production. Other areas of usage known of EPDM, are tennis courts, recreation and rehabilitation centers, fitness halls and sound and heat insulation applications. You can view our sports grounds from this link.

Rubber ground use with sport purpose:

  • Granular rubbers are used for tartan truck surfaces,
  • It is used in pile, parquet and roller rubber grounds,
  • It is used in basketball court ground construction,
  • It is frequently preferred in tennis court grounds,
  • It is used with the purpose of providing flexibility in children playgrounds.

You can obtain various additional information about other rubber grounds from our web-page of Dizayn Rubber brand.