What is the Cost of Basketball Court Construction?

The cost of basketball court construction varies based on various factors. Indoor and outdoor basketball courts and ground types are a few of the most important factors. We complied the factors affecting basketball court construction in detail.

The Cost of Indoor and Outdoor Basketball Court Construction

The cost of basketball court construction varies based whether it is indoor or outdoor one. Outdoor courts attract attention with their effectiveness in terms of cost, indoor basketball courts can be constructed in different types and different cost based on that.

The cost of outdoor basketball court construction is highly affordable. These sports areas enclosed with a 4m PVC coating wire fence, can be constructed very quickly with affordable costs. It is a type that is preferred generally by mass housing sites, municipalities, hotels and schools.

Lighting is optional in these types of basketball courts. If night usage will happen, one of 400W halide projectors or 150W LED projectors can be preferred. In general, 8 projectors are enough. In outdoor courts, projector use is obligatory. For more economical assembly, halide projectors can be preferred. However, when electricity saving is taken into consideration, it will be appropriate to use LED projectors.

If we take outdoor basketball court types into consideration, steel construction enclosed courts and reinforced concrete or prefabricated outdoor sports halls are available. The cost of steel construction courts are more appropriate. In the meantime, they can be assembled in shorter period.

Basketball court ground types are also amongst main factors affecting the cost. In general areas, even a smooth reinforced concrete ground can be used. However, according to increasing costs as ground coating, acrylic, tartan ground, polyurethane ground coating and professional sports parquet ground types of ours are available. While acrylic ground paint is frequently preferred for outdoors, our basketball parquet grounds are preferred professionally in indoor sport halls.