Where Does Decorative Synthetic Turf be Used?

Limiting area of usage; this modern product on the contrary of mind and visual quality, helps people in many points. It is possible to use decorative synthetic turf that is highly rich in terms of portfolio, mainly in football pitches, tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, golf pitches, landscape areas, walking paths or garden or terrace of your homes.

Wideness of area of usage and comfort that it provides and its appearance and decorative look, cause to define that product based on where it is used.

Affect of Using at Home

When you use it at your home, if you like green with its natural condition and when you want it to look green, decorative synthetic turf does not require much effort. It provides that you live comfort of naturality of niceness at you home.

It is possible to walk on decorative synthetic turf with bare foot and it causes no concern about health.

Using Decorative Synthetic Turf in Garden

When it is used in garden, decorative synthetic turf is ideal for all types of garden. In addition to its soft and easy appearance, the turf increases its natural structure.

The important thing in that point is the process of preparing ground between synthetic turf and real grass and its lower layer. When we consider using the product in veranda, in a place where we host our guests and used often between home and garden, using the product increases comfort and naturality and sincerity.

Its naturality a development for human soul against using solid and tough substances such as sand and gravel and paving stone.

Using Synthetic Turf in Balcony

Out product that is also required to be used ideally in balcony we use often,  will add a different concept and style to your balcony in aesthetic aspect. Since the ground is asphalt, its assembly does not require effort and it will be simple. When size of balconies are considered, a single turf is enough in general.